• Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Horoscope for July 28: These zodiac signs need to remain alert today

Check astro predictions and remedies for you for the day based on your zodiac signs

Odishatv Bureau
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AstrospeakPhotoPhoto: OTV


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Are you anxious to know how you will spend your day today? Here we bring the Astro predictions for July 28. Know if you are going to spend your day smoothly, gain profits or you need to remain alert today as per your zodiac sign.



Ashwini: You will get closer to your friends. You are likely to visit holy places and also achieve success in business. 
Dwija: You are likely to achieve your goals with the help and support of others.
Krutika: You may get happy by purchasing gold ornaments.
Remedy: Visit Lord Hanuman's temple for darshan.



Krutika: You will likely gather courage today to complete any pending work. 
Rohini: If you are into filmmaking, you are likely to earn a name and fame.
Mrugasira: You will get respect at any group meeting.
Remedy: Worship Maa Kamala.




Mrugasira: Bad advice from your neighbour will be intriguing and intensify the situation. 
Adra: Women will remain busy thinking about home.
Purnavasu: Your expenses will likely increase owing to legal work.
Remedy: Chant matras of Maa Tripura Sundari.



Purnavasu: Your stars indicate that you have the chance to get awarded at any cultural event.
Pushya: Your stars are in your favour today. You have the chance to get wealth and respect. 
Aslesha: You will complete a tough task with the help of your friend.
Remedy: Put on Bhubaneswari Yantrika Maha Kavach.



Magha: You will experience success in love.
Purva Falguni: You are likely to get a new business proposal.
Uttara Falguni: You will invest your wealth in a good way.
Remedy: Chant Lord Rama's 'Mul Mantra'



Uttara Falguni: You will easily complete any tough work.
Hasta: You will plan for a trip/outing with your family. 
Chitra: You are likely to get good news related to your job.
Remedy: Worship Maa Tripura Sundari.



Chitra: You may get a gift from your parents.
Swati: You are likely to get wealth from some new source.
Bisakha: You are likely to gain popularity in dance and cultural field.
Remedy: Visit Lord Shiva's temple for Darshan.




Visakha: You may likely get into depression owing to the hopeless circumstances.
Anuradha: You might land in sudden danger. 
Jyestha: You will get worried over issues related to home.
Remedy: Worship Maa Charchika.



Mula: Stay alert as you have chances of facing an accident.
Purva Sadha: If you are into business, you are likely to endure losses.
Uttara Sadha: You may likely engage in a spat with your brother.
Remedy: Adorn clothes of pale white colour.




Uttara Sadha: You will achieve success by implementing your knowledge and skills.
Shravana: You will solve your issues in a dilly-dallying method.
Dhanistha: Your limits for friends will extend.
Remedy: Chant Maa Sarala's Gayatri Mantra.



Dhanistha: The condition will be quite apt to complete incomplete work from the past. 
Satavikhya: You will witness growth in agriculture and animal husbandry. You will likely achieve success in politics.
Purvabhadrapada: You will achieve happiness, peace and wealth.
Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman and recite Hanuman Chalisa.



Purbabhadrapada: You will come across challenges while taking any decision.
Uttarabhadrapada: You will express irritation over small matters.
Revati: You might physically feel weak.
Remedy: Chant mantra of Maa Tara.


By Jyotirvid Er. Deepak Acharya – 0674-3527219, 9238397100