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Odishatv Bureau

The stars and planets have a huge impact on our lives. These heavenly bodies get associated with our lives since birth. The position of the planets and stars during birth and their movement has an impact throughout our lives. Be it our personal life or business or jobs, the impact of planets can't be ignored. Here we bring you what your zodiac sign holds for you on July 1.



Ashwini: Be careful with your opponents in the business world

Dwija: You will be burdened with more workload

Krutika: Be cautious of your words while speaking with others

Remedy: Recite the mantra of Goddess Baglamukhi.



Krutika: The day is going to be good for you

Rohini: All problems will be solved

Mrugasira: There will be a marriage proposal for your daughter

Remedy: Worship Goddess Bhargavi for good luck.



Mrugasira: You will meet important people

Adra: All your work will be completed on time

Purnavasu: A good day to invest in land

Remedy: Recite the Gayatri mantra of Buddha.



Purnavasu: The day will be better for people who work in companies

Pushya: You will find solutions to problems with help of your friends

Aslesha: You may decide to get married

Remedy: Touch the feet of elders for good luck.



Magha: Those in jobs might get relocated for work

Purva Falguni: You will spend on entertainment

Uttara Falguni: Be careful, as you may fall prey to fraud

Remedy: Chant Goddess Matangi's Gayatri mantra.



Uttara Falguni: You will engage in social works

Hasta: Students will do well in exams

Chitra: You will get more time to spend with your spouse

Remedy: Feed the dogs and crows in the morning.



Chitra: You will meet old friends

Swati: You will be benefited from your  old acquaintances at the workplace

Bisakha: In office, juniors will learn from you

Remedy: Worship the image of Lord Parshuram.



Visakha: You will be happy as work will be completed

Anuradha: New challenges may come your way

Jyestha: Apply conscience while you do work

Remedy: Start the day by offering water to the Sun God.



Mula: Avoid trying to impose your rights

Purva Sadha: There may be unrest in the family

Uttara Sadha: Rivals will be at a loss

Remedy: Donate 'Dakhina' at  temple



Uttara Sadha: You will have new responsibilities in the office

Shravana: Those who are in cosmetics business will progress

Dhanistha: On the way, you can meet up with some friends

Remedy: Worship the idol of Lord Vishnu.



Dhanistha: You will accept the new ideology

Satavikhya: You enjoy romantic relationships with your spouse

Purvabhadrapada: You will get a job at a private company

Remedy: Recite mantras with the worship of Rahu.



Purbabhadrapada: Your focus will be on religious work

Uttarabhadrapada: You will get good news from your children

Revati: The ongoing dispute will be resolved

Remedy: Wear Goddess Tara’s Jantrika Kavach for good fortune.

(By Jyotirvid Er Deepak Acharya, Phone-9439050099)

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