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Odishatv Bureau

A new day is here promising a wide array of opportunities as well as challenges for you. Planning a new venture or worried about your love life, Astrology can offer you very good solution for each and every step you take in your life. Curious enough to know what will come your way as per the position of stars, then check out the astrological predictions for different zodiac signs here.


Ashwini: You are likely to get promoted in office
Dwija: Show some courage, you will succeed
Kritika: You are likely to find pleasure in family life
Remedy: Mix some sugar in wheat flour and make chapati. Offer it to a red dog


TaurusKritika: Musicians will get good opportunity
Rohini: You are likely to resolve past issues with friends
Mrugashira: You may go watch a movie with your wife 
Remedy: Offer some food to a red colored cow



GeminiMrugashira: Some people may get affected by your behaviour
Adra: You will accomplish all the assignments as per your wish
Punarbasu: Harmony will prevail in marital life
Remedy: Chant Gayatri Mantra of Tripura Sundari



Punarbasu: You may feel lazy today
Pushya: Tread cautiously. You may meet with a road accident
Ashlesha: Colleagues may get disappointed with your work
Remedy: Mix rock sugar in some rice and tie the mixture with a white cloth. Then float it in the river.


Magha: Your image will remain good in front of others
Purbafalguni: You are likely to plan to visit a religious place with family
Uttarafalguni: You are likely to ask your friend for a loan
Remedy: Read Mantra of Lord Ram


VirgoUttarafalguni: You are likely to get new source of income
Hasta: Your prestige in society will increase
Chitra: You are likely to meet a famous person unexpectedly
Remedy: Worship Goddess Tripura Sundari




Chitra: You may search for new possibilities in work
Swati: An atmosphere of joy and happiness will prevail in family
Visakha: Pending office works will be completed
Remedy: Wear white clothes for good fortune




Visakha: You may not get desired results as per your work 
Anuradha: Keep an eye on your surroundings
Jyestha: Stay away from disputes
Remedy: Worship Lord Nrusingha




Mula: Consult experienced persons before undertaking major work
Purbasadha: You are likely to get involved in romantic relationship
Uttarasadha: Your classmates are likely to seek your help
Remedy: Serve Brahmins and donate objects




Uttarasadha: You will put your views straight in front of others
Shravana: Your life partner is likely to praise you
Dhanistha: Bring suppressed desires to the front
Remedy: Put some honey in a glass bottle and bury it at a secluded place



Dhanistha: You may taste success in daily works
Shatabhisha: Path to development will be opened for you
Purbabhadrapada: You will make profits in business
Remedy: Read Hanuman Chalisha



Purba Bhadrapada: Excess self confidence may create trouble for you
Utrabhadrapada: Think before investing
Rebati: A lot of your works may get delayed
Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu


Horoscope readings by Jyotirvid Er Deepak Acharya

Contact him on 0674-3527219 or 9238397100

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