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It is new day altogether. Astrology is now most sort after medium to get a glimpse on simplifying life for which a lot of people are depending on experts. 

Here is an outlook of what you all can expect from your stars today:


Aswini – Your will share a good relationship with your friends.
Dwija – You will get a chance to enhance your life.
Krutika- Writers will get success 
Remedy – Offer prayers to Lord Hanuman.



Krutika – You will be ill treated by your friends. 
Rohini – You might try to fulfil the wishes of your family members. 
Mrugashira – Everyone will listen to you and follow your advice.
Remedy – Chant Maa Kamala’s Gayatri Mantra.



Mrugashira – Be cautious will travelling.
Adra – Your closed and beloved ones might end up disappointing you. 
Punarbasu – If you are in politics, you might end up with many obstacles. 
Remedy – Offer prayers and chant mantras.



Punarbasu – Have patience, you will gain success in your work field.
Pushya – You will get good marks and success in studies today.
Ashlesa – You will be inclined towards good studies.
Remedy – Offer prayers to Maa Bhubaneswari. 



Magha – You will get gift from your beloved one.
Purbafalguni – You will gain profit. 
Uttarafalguni – Women will get free time and relaxation at work.
Remedy – Chant mantra ‘Om Hring Hring Rang Ramaya Namah.



Uttarafalguni –  Be careful if you are deciding to buy a land.
Hasta – You will have a good and happy marital life.
Chitra – You will get help from friends and family in work and business.
Remedy – Chant the prayers of Tripura Sundari.



Chitra – There will be obstacles in your dreams.
Swati – There will be severe misunderstanding in the family.
Vishakha – Don’t do your work in a hurry. Take it easy.
Remedy – Offer prayers to Lord Shiva.



Vishakha – You will impress your boss with your self-confidence.
Anuradha – You might end up hurting yourself while helping others. 
Jyestha – You will accept new thoughts and leave behind your old thoughts.
Remedy – Chant the mantra ‘Om Nru Nru Nru Nrusingh Namah’.



Mula – You will get the support and love of your partner.
Purbashadha – You will defeat your enemy.
Uttarasadha – You will get what you have worked for.
Remedy – Offer prayers to Lord Ram.



Uttarashada –Take the advice of your parents. 
Shravana – You will be worried in your love life.
Dhanistha – You will think of extending your business to other districts.
Remedy – Offer prayers to Maa Kali.



Dhanistha – You will have to ask for forgiveness for your mistake.
Shatabhisa – Don’t spend more than you need.
Purvabhadrapada – There will be enmity with your neighbour.
Remedy – Chant Hanuman Chalisa.



Purvabhadrapada – You will get a chance to showcase your singing talent.
Uttarabhadrapada – You will easily complete all your task.
Rebati – Share your worries with your closed ones, you will be at peace.
Remedy – Offer prayers to Lord Vishnu.


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