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Rashmi Rekha Das

Ahead of the start of a day, we pray to the almighty to make the day as beautiful as it can be for us. However, knowing what's in store for us and the remedy to deal with it is always beneficial. So, do you want to know what August 11 has in store for you?

Here is a peek into what you can expect from your stars today:



Aswini – Your intelligence will help you attain success at your workplace

Dwija – You will get financial help from your friend

Krutika- Students will concentrate on study

Remedy- Offer trisakha bel leaf to Lord Shiva



Kritika- You will get a chance to meet your bosom friend

Rohini– Office bearers are likely to get promotion

Mrugasira– Today will be a good day for land investment

Remedy – Offer raisins to Goddess Lakhmi



Mrugasira- Health issues of elderly persons of your family will worry you

Aadra- Your unnecessary expenses will increase

Punarvasu - You may go through obstacles in your endeavours

Remedy-  Offer ‘duba’ to Lord Ganesha



Punarbasu– You may adopt new strategy in your profession

Pushya– You will get new ways to get wealth

Ashlesa– Your willpower will remain high

Remedy– Help a needy person



Magha– Working women will feel less burdened today

Purbafalguni– You are likely to get financial aid from politics

Uttarafalguni– Your long cherished dream will come true

Remedy– Offer water to Surya Narayan



Uttarafalguni– You will determine to finish your pending work

Hasta– You may get a gift from your loved ones

Chitra– There will be no dearth of support to carry out organisational work

Remedy– Worship Lord Vishnu and recite Vishnu Sahasra Nama



Chitra– Taking shortcuts to achieve something may land you in problem

Swati– Stay away from court related issues

Vishakha–  Despite being reluctant, you will be made to expense 

Remedy– Wear white colour cloth for better luck



Vishakha– You will succeed using your brain

Anuradha– There will be good understanding between husbands and wives

Jyestha– Students will show interest in study

Remedy– Start your day by applying chandan tilak on forehead



Mula– You have a fair chance of getting promotion

Purbashadha– You will be able to fulfil your desire

Uttarasadha– You are likely to repay loan

Remedy– Take the blessing of your parents


Uttarashada– You may take help from a low caste person

Shravana– If you work hard without losing patience you will succeed 

Dhanistha– You will complete your work amid tension

Remedy– Donate something to the needy


Dhanistha– Don’t implement new ideas

Shatabhisa– There will be differences of opinions in family

Purvabhadrapada– Your stubborn attitude will bring failure

Remedy– Feed dogs for good fortune



Purvabhadrapada– You will get relief from old ailments

Uttarabhadrapada– Students will succeed in exams

Rebati– You will get fame in music and literary field

Remedy– Offer Tulsi leaf to Lord Vishnu

Horoscope readings by Jyotirvid Er Deepak Acharya

Contact him on 0674-3527219 or 9238397100


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