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Odishatv Bureau

Are you anxious to know how you are going to spend your day today? Here we bring the Astro predictions for August 10. Know if you need to remain alert today as per your zodiac sign or not.



Ashwini: You will keep yourself engaged in social work.

Dwija: Students will excel in exams.

Krutika: You will spare time for your life partner.

Remedy: Chant Lord Nrusingha's mantra.



Krutika: Stay away from your nature of showing authority.

Rohini: Your enemies may likely put themselves in problems.

Mrugasira: Disturbance may pop up in your family.

Remedy: Chant 'Aum Hring Shring Shukraya Namah' mantra.



Mrugasira: You will likely achieve your targets by implementing your presence of mind and strategic plan. 

Adra: If you are fixed in any court cases, then stars are on your side. Problems in the case will likely get resolved. 

Purnavasu: You may likely purchase a new vehicle or land.

Remedy: Chant Buddha Gayatri Mantra.


Purnavasu: You will remain happy as you will likely get profited from the mechanical sector. 

Pushya: You will remain happy after purchasing costly metal and ornaments. 

Aslesha: You will have the ability to achieve your targets. 

Remedy: Bring two pieces of silver. Put one in water and keep the other with yourself.


Magha: You may visit a new place.

Purva Falguni: Seek suggestions from your parents, you will get good results.

Uttara Falguni: You will likely get profited by initiating new work.

Remedy: Donate wheat flour to any temple.



Uttara Falguni: You may get transferred to a new place in your job.

Hasta: You will spend money for entertainment purposes. 

Chitra: You may likely get duped.

Remedy: Chant Aum Aying Stinng Shring Budhaya Namah ( ଓଁ ଐ୍ୟଂ ସ୍ତୀଂ ଶ୍ରୀଂ ବୁଧାୟ ନମଃ )



Chitra: You will plan for something new with your friend.

Swati: If you are into sports, art or literature field, you will likely get praised.

Bisakha: You will feel good in the afternoon.

Remedy: Worship Shri Bhargavi's photo.



Visakha: Taking a daring step you will achieve success in politics.

Anuradha: You will likely bring changes to your method of working.

Jyestha: You will spend time decorating your house.

Remedy: Put on Maa Mangala's kavach.



Mula: You will complete all your work within the estimated time.

Purva Sadha: You will achieve more results in comparison to your efforts.

Uttara Sadha: If you are planning for investment, today, the stars are in your favour. You can invest in purchasing land.

Remedy: Chant Gayatri mantra of Maa Tripura Sundari.



Uttara Sadha: Stay alert from professional businessmen and your rival.

Shravana: Today, work pressure will be higher on you.

Dhanistha: Use proper language while interacting with others.

Remedy: Start your day by worshipping Lord Vishnu.



Dhanistha: You will find solutions to bigger problems. 

Satavikhya: You will get marriage proposals for your daughter.

Purvabhadrapada: Today will be good for you.

Remedy: Worship Maa Dakshina Kali.



Purbabhadrapada: Today will be great for people who are employed in companies.

Uttarabhadrapada: You will get a solution through your friend for resolving any disturbance.

Revati: You will likely take the decision to get married.

Remedy: Offer some ladoos at a religious place.


(By Jyotirvid Er Deepak Acharya- 0674-3527219,9238397100)

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