A loco pilot died while at least three more railways employees were injured as two freight trains collided in Shahdol district of Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday morning.

Impact of the collision was so strong that several bogies of the trains overturned and one of the engines caught fire. The injured have been rushed to a nearby hospital, and the fire was doused. Railways officials swung into action to clear the track.

As per reports, the incident occurred due to signal overshoot. While one of the trains was stopped on the track, the other one coming from the opposite direction rammed into it.

The incident occurred near Singhpur railway station in Shahdol district, which falls under South-East Central Railway division. Due to the incident, the movement of several other trains got disrupted.

Railway officials said the tracks are being cleared which will take some time. The cause of the accident would be ascertained only after a detailed investigation, they added.