Suryakant Jena

Two brothers died after falling into a well in Laxmi Talkies area of Sambalpur on Tuesday. As per reports, the victims have been identified as two brothers, Sunil and Sushil Tripathy who were residents of the Sahu Colony.

A CCTV footage seized by the police has captured the entire incident. The video showed the two brothers sitting on the edge of the well last night when suddenly one of them seemed to lose balance and fell into the well. In doing so, he also dragged his brother with himself into the well.

What is more surprising is that the incident happened despite the presence of another person near the well.

Fire Services personnel launched a rescue operation and fished out the bodies of the duo from the well. They were immediately rushed to the hospital and put under critical care unit. However, despite all attempts by the treating physicians, the siblings breathed their last today morning.

Even though the exact reasons behind the mishap have not been ascertained, it is believed that it might have happened accidentally. Police have launched an investigation into the incident.

The police have seized the CCTV which has captured the footage of the entire incident and an investigation has been launched into the incident.