Chennai: You do not actually need a tattoo on your left hand to match with a missing family member who was lost in Kumbh Mela years ago. In the digital era, even Chinese short video-messaging app TikTok can help you reunite with your lost hubby.

In an interesting chain of events, a mother of two kids from Villupuram district in Tamil Nadu - anxiously waiting for his husband Suresh who ran away almost three years back - spotted him dancing in one of the 15-second videos on TikTok.

Jayaprada, who had filed an FIR, was in a state of numbness when she saw Suresh dancing in the TikTok video which was showed to her by one of her relatives.

She immediately approached the Villupuram police station and shared the video with the police personal on duty, according to local reports.

The cops located Suresh, a native of Krishnagiri, in Hosur city in the state, who said he ran away in 2016 owing to family differences.

After being councelled by the police, Suresh finally agreed to return to his wife and two kids.

The good news comes on the heels of a 24-year old mother of two children committing suicide in Tamil Nadu after she was scolded by her husband and prevented from using TikTok.

Anitha, recorded herself as she drank poison and then sent the video via WhatsApp to her husband, who was in Singapore.

According to media reports, Anitha's husband Pazhanivel did not appreciate his wife's TikTok addiction and had asked her to quit the habit.

Owned by Chinese company ByteDance, the short video-sharing platform has over 200 million users in India.