Jalandhar: If India is looking for a substantial future in science and technology, then it has to ensure a just and vibrant future for women in this field, Union Minister Smriti Irani said Saturday.

She asserted gender parity is not the responsibility of women alone and that men should play an active role.

Speaking at the inaugural session of Indian Women Science Congress here, the minister said English remains 'lingua franca' of the scientific community in India and the world. She exhorted the Indian Science Congress to translate best scientific works so that students can access them in local languages.

"Can we, through your (Indian Science Congress) platform propagate, amongst universities across our country, translations of some of the best science journals, new scientific studies and give it to children (not only) in the higher education institutions, but (also) in high schools, so that their love for science, boy or girl can be embedded and embedded at a very early stage."

"If you are looking for a substantial future for India in science and technology, you have to determine a just and vibrant future for Indian women in science," she said.