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Jaipur: Rajasthan has become the second state in the country to have got more than one crore people vaccinated by Monday afternoon.

State medical and health minister Dr. Raghu Sharma congratulated the medical personnel of the state for getting more than one crore people vaccinated.

He also appealed to the people of the state to get vaccinated in large numbers.

Dr. Sharma said that till Sunday, 99,83,418 people had been vaccinated. On Monday morning, this figure crossed 1 crore.

Vaccination for people above 45 years of age has been started from April 1. A total of 3380 government and 188 private sites in the state are providing vaccination facility, he informed.

An average of 4.70 lakh persons have been vaccinated every day since last four days. He said that a total of 5.44 lakh were vaccinated on 5th April, 4.84 lakh were vaccinated on 6 April, 5.81 lakh were vaccinated on 7 April, 4.65 lakh were vaccinated on 8 April, 4.21 lakh were vaccinated on 9 April, 2.96 lakh on 10 April and 1.11 lakh were vaccinated on 11 April.

A total of 1,11, 40,860 crore vaccine doses have been received by the Centre till 11 April, he informed.

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