Lucknow: Railway engineers have made a scaled-down model of a Rafale fighter jet from railway scrap material available in a workshop here in Uttar Pradesh.

The model not only resembles the actual jet but also emits sound somewhat similar to it.

According to railway official Vivek Khare of the Railway Loco Workshop, it took almost one and half month for a team of eight engineers to make the model.

The Rafale model is becoming the centre of attraction for people who are thronging to see it.

A railway official said: "The model is mostly made out of the scrap material in the workshop. Generally, the sheet metal scrap is used and ankles are also used. At last, the surface is frozen and paint is put on it."

For making the model, photographs of Rafale available on the Internet were used.

"We studied the photographs and tried to match the dimensions. The voice of the fighter plane is recorded from the Internet and is being played to give an impression as if the engine is making sound," the official added.

PVC sheets, wiring and other materials are from scrap available from dismantled coaches were used in the model.

Railway engineers also made a Make -In-India Lion, Steam loco Model, PSLV model and other from the scrap in the workshop.