Put Down Violence With Iron Hand Or Quit: Rajinikanth Tells Govt

Chennai: Actor Rajinikanth on Wednesday said the Central government should deal with the violent protests in Delhi with an iron hand and if this is not done, then they should resign and go.

He also said the violence and death of over 20 persons in Delhi is the failure of Home Minister Amit Shah as intelligence failure of the Central government is the failure of Home Minister.

Rajinikanth, who will be plunging into active politics, he said all protests should be peaceful and it should not turn violent.

Condemning the Central government for the intelligence failure, he said the intelligence officers should have done their duty properly during the visit of US President Donald Trump. He hoped at least in future, the intelligence department will be careful.

He said the current protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) is going beyond limits and it should have been dealt with iron hand.

Protests can be held peacefully but it should not lead to violence, he added.

Not foreseeing the Central government revoking CAA as it was passed by the Parliament, Rajinikanth said the centre had clearly explained about National Register for Citizens (NRC) and why there should be no confusion on that.

Rajinikanth said it is sad that he is being described as the “mouthpiece” of the BJP.

He said some parties are instigating the protests in the name of religion and strongly condemned those resorting to such practices and the Central government should deal such things with iron hand failing which it will become a big problem in the future.

The actor also urged the media to report in a responsible manner after weighing what is just.

Rajinikanth reiterated that he will be the first person to come out in support of Muslims if they are affected by CAA.

Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan welcomed Rajinikanth’s criticism of the Central government in failing to control the violence in Delhi.

In a tweet minutes after Rajinikanth said it is the failure of Union Home Minister Amit Shah in controlling violence, Kamal Haasan said: “Excellent Friend Rajinikanth. Come like that. This route is good route and not a separate route. It is King’s Path of one race.”