New Delhi/Chennai: Political parties in Tamil Nadu on Friday generally welcomed actor Rajinikanth's hints that he may join politics at an appropriate time but cautioned him that it may not be all that easy in public life.

The parties felt that in a democracy anybody has the right to enter public life but added that only when he (Rajinikanth) takes the step he will know how difficult it is to survive in politics.

Former Chief Minister and leader of an AIADMK faction, O. Panneerselvam said Rajinikanth is a good leader and anybody can come into politics but their acceptability has to be decided by the people who are the ultimate judges.

He said said that even if he (Rajinikanth) chooses to enter politics there will be no impact on the AIADMK and for that matter nobody can affect the AIADMK.

His faction's leader and a former minister K.P Munuswamy said it was natural for Rajinikanth to talk about politics because there was currently a vacuum caused by the death of Jayalalithaa and ill health of Karunanidhi.

"Only when he enters politics he will know the gruelling life of a politician and how much accountable they are in public life and how difficult to be in public life," he told reporters with O. Panneerselvam by his side.

PMK leader and former union minister Anbumani Ramadoss said that what Tamil Nadu needs is not an actor but a good administrator.

He said that Tamil Nadu has been ruined by actors like MGR and Jayalalithaa, and nowhere in the world have actors ruled a state for more than 40-50 years.

Seeman, leader of Naam Thamizhar party, said that while he respected Rajinikanth as an actor who had taken to Tamil cinema having come from outside but the state does not need an 'outsider' as Chief Minister.

Seeman and DMK leader M.K Stalin, about whom Rajinikanth made complimentary references in his speech on Friday, thanked Rajinikanth and expressed their happiness.

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