Pakistan’s video on destruction of Indian post fake: Army

New Delhi: A video clipping posted by Pakistan on the destruction of an Indian post on the border is fake, and that the post shown therein is clearly not an Indian one, Indian Army sources said on Wednesday.

The sources said the blast, as shown in the video, happened from below the structure, and appeared to be an Improvised Explosive Device blast and not artillery fire.

The video also appeared to be heavily edited, the sources said.

The video was posted on Twitter by Pakistan military Spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor, who claimed it was shot on May 13.

Ghafoor said it was in retaliation to the ceasefire violation by India, and that “Indian posts were destroyed in Nowshera sector”.

The sources said Indian posts usually have thick walls, which cannot be seen in the post shown in the clipping.

Meanwhile, a video dated April 17, which shows an identical structure being blasted, was posted on Youtube on April 29.

An Army official said the video posted by the Pakistan Army might be edited from the video.

The Indian Army on Tuesday said it has attacked Pakistani military posts and inflicted “some damage” along the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir in a recent “punitive assault” as part of the counter-terror strategy to stop cross-border militant incursion.

The Army also released a video showing Pakistani posts being damaged, showing what appeared to be bunkers in a forested area, and smoke and fire billowing after the explosion.