No more late trains: Here’s Indian Railways’ new plan

New Delhi/Bhubaneswar: Taking cognizance of the rising number of issues being faced by the train commuters, Indian Railways has come up a two-stage new plan to ensure punctuality.

Piyush Goyal has reportedly planned of grading trains on the basis of the minutes by which they have been delayed.

A long distance train late by less than 10 minutes, the highest grade of A (Excellent) will be awarded (5 points). Delay by 10-20 minutes, 20-40 minutes and 40-120 minutes would earn grade B (Very Good, 4 points), grade C (Good with 3 points) and grade D (Fair with 2 points) respectively. Besides, delay by over 2 hours would get the train earn E grade (Bad with 1 point) and if a train which is cancelled would get E grade with 0 points, reported.

Similarly, in case of short distance trains:

5 min late: A grade (5 points)

15 minutes late: B grade (4 points)

30 minutes late: C grade (3 points)

45 minutes late: D grade (2 points)

Less than 90 minutes late: E grade (1 point)

Over 90 minutes late: E grade (0 point)

Meanwhile, to ensure timing of trains in a short span of time, the national transporter has proposed to do the following:

  1. Tracks fencing to avoid clash with cattle, humans and vehicles from trespassing
  2. Doing away with unmanned level crossings
  3. Decreasing halt timings of trains at platforms
  4. Use of dataloggers for automatic feed of train numbers and timings in the control office application.

The railways has also planned other things to ensure punctuality of trains. You can read the complete story here.