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New Delhi: Driving licence, fitness certificate, permits and all such motor vehicle documents will remain valid till September 30 even if people have failed to renew them since February, the government said on Tuesday in view of the COVID-19 situation.

In March, the government said these documents would remain valid till June 30.

"Given the current circumstances to avoid hardships being faced by transporters and citizens, state governments are further advised that these documents be considered valid till September 30, 2020 for enforcement purpose," Road Transport and Highway Minister Nitin Gadkari said.

In a notification issued on Tuesday, the ministry advised that validity of the documents that have expired since February 1 or would expire by September 30, 2020, be treated as valid till September 30.

The ministry's decision came after taking into consideration the grim situation still continuing due to conditions for prevention of spread of COVID-19 across the country.

The extension of validity would be applicable on "fitness, permit (all types), learner's licence, driving license, registration or any other concerned document", as per the notification.

To facilitate citizens during the period and conditions for prevention for COVID 19, the ministry had relaxed fees validity and /or additional fee under the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, till July 31.

States and Union Territories have also been requested to consider provisions available under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 or other such provisions available under other Acts, for considering relaxation in requirement of permit, or fees or taxes for renewal/ penalty for permits to provide relief during these extraordinary circumstances of COVID-19, it added.

"... considering the situation for prevention of COVID-19 still continues, and as per the requests received, Gadkari directed his ministry to issue advise for extension of this period till 30th September for treating the documents valid for enforcement purposes," the ministry said in a statement.

The nationwide lockdown to curb spreading of coronavirus infections was imposed on March 25.


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