New Delhi: Nripendra Misra, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's key aide for five years, is on his way out of the PMO after expressing desire to step down.

However, the PM has requested him to continue for another two weeks. The 1967 batch retired IAS officer is the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister.

Misra was inducted in Team Modi when the BJP-led NDA government came to power in 2014 with a landslide victory. After 2019 government formation, Misra continued in PM's core team.

The PM took to twitter to announce Misra's decision and praise his work.

"Shri Nripendra Misra is among the most outstanding officers, who has a great grasp of public policy and administration. When I was new in Delhi in 2014, he taught me a lot and his guidance remains extremely valuable", said Modi.

The tone of the praise is expressive of the confidence Misra has enjoyed within PMO. Meanwhile, in a statement, Misra said, "It has been a privilege to serve the country under honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji. I am deeply grateful to him for this opportunity and the complete confidence he has placed in me. I have enjoyed working, committing my every hour and thought for more than five years, towards this satisfying journey."

But he insists, that moving on doesn't mean his devotion to public causes would cease to exist. "It is now time for me to move on, even as I remain devoted to the public causes and national interest", he said.

The Prime Minister had chosen a retired bureaucrat from a pool of available top officers for the post with Misra doing so well that the PM has thanked him for helping him understand the corridors of power.

"I wish Shri Narendra Modi ji, our Prime Minister, success as he leads our country into a bright future", said Misra.

Meanwhile, another retired IPS officer P.K. Sinha has been appointed as the Officer on Special Duty (OSD) in the PMO.