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Mann Ki Baat: Committed To Welfare Of Hardworking Farmers, Says PM Modi

New Delhi: Even as thousands of farmers rallied on Delhi’s interstate borders with Haryana and Uttar Pradesh against new farm laws, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday asserted that these agriculture reforms have not only freed peasants from various shackles but have also bestowed on them new rights and opportunities.

His assertion came during his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’ amid the ongoing farmer agitation against his government over the three new farm laws enacted in September.

Modi said the recent agriculture reforms have begun mitigating the troubles of farmers in a short span of time as he cited the example of a Maharashtra farmer who used the provisions of the new laws to get the money promised to him by a trader.

“Since ages, these demands of farmers which at one point of time or the other all political parties had promised to them, have now been fulfilled. After deep deliberations, Parliament recently passed farm reform laws,” he said.

“These reforms have not only freed the farmers from various shackles, but have also given them new rights and opportunities. In such a short span of time, these rights have started reducing the problems of farmers,” he said.

His remarks come at a time when thousands of farmers, mostly from Punjab, have dug in their heels at Delhi’s border points and hundreds have gathered at the city’s Burari ground, united in their determination to hold protests against the new farm laws.

Giving example of Maharashtra’s Jitendra Bhoijee, the Prime Minister said he benefited due to these new farm laws.

Modi mentioned that the farmer could not get payment for his sold crop for four months. “The new laws helped him and he could manage to get it. In September, these laws were passed in Parliament. These laws ensure that farmers will be given money within three days of sale of their crops.”

The Prime Minister stressed on “proper and right information” about these farm laws to derive its benefit.

He also gave example of Rajasthan’s Mohammad Aslam, saying he has made a WhatsApp group and shared details about the crop prices at nearby ‘mandis’, which has been helping many farmers.

“There is awareness, there is life,” said the Prime Minister.

Referring to another person Virendra Yadav, an agriculturist in Haryana, the Prime Minister said that he returned from Australia two months ago and was making money through stubble by helping many farmers.

“Yadav not only played a major role in resolving the stubble-burning problem, but also made money from the stubble. With the help of some machines, he earned Rs 50 lakh in the stubble business. He also has been helping farmers who wanted a solution to this issue.”

The Prime Minister urged students pursuing agriculture-related courses to inform farmers about the new farmer laws.

In his radio broadcast, Modi touched upon various other topics ranging from the idol of goddess Annapurna, stolen in 1913 from Varanasi, being brought back to India from Canada, to emphasising that educational institutions should harness the strengths and talents of their alumni.

Remembering Guru Nanak Dev, whose birth anniversary is on Monday, Modi lauded his noble ideals and added that he considered himself to be fortunate for his involvement in various works related to Sikh gurus and gurudwaras.

He also hailed the opening of the Kartarpur Sahib corridor in November last year as historic.

In his remarks, Modi also talked about a gurudwara in Kutch, which is considered very sacred and special.

In the broadcast, he remembered the work of Dr Salim Ali, an Indian ornithologist and naturalist.

“There are many clubs and societies that are passionate about bird watching. I hope you all discover more about them,” Modi said.

The culture of India is gaining popularity all over the world, he noted.

“One such effort is by Jonas Masetti, who is based in Brazil and popularises Vedanta as well as the Gita among people there. He uses technology effectively to popularise our culture and ethos,” Modi said.

The prime minister also lauded Gaurav Sharma, the MP for Hamilton West, New Zealand, for taking his oath of office in Sanskrit.

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