Gwalior: An idol of Nathuram Godse, installed here by the Hindu Mahasabha on November 15, was removed on Tuesday by the authorities, an official said.

Godse is the killer of Mahatma Gandhi and was hanged for his crime in 1949.

Additional District Magistrate Shivraj Singh Verma told IANS: "The idol of Godse, installed inside the Hindu Mahasabha office, was seized today. Investigation is on."

The Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha's act had received widespread condemnation and protest from Gandhians and the Congress. The authorities then issued a notice to the group's leader Jaiveer Bharadwaj who failed to reply.

Congress leaders had given the authorities time till Tuesday to remove it, threatening to remove it themselves if they failed to.

The atmosphere was tense since Tuesday morning as Mahasabha workers had collected stones, bricks and sticks to counter police action. Police was posted outside its office.

However, the uninstallation was carried out without any major disruption with the authorities saying the police will take over the case form here.