Devbrat Patnaik

New Delhi: Did you ever get the feeling that Indian Railways and IRCTC are looting the passengers in the name of cancellation fees? Many of the travellers complained "Why should we pay cancellation fee for no fault at all". If you are one among them, you will now definitely change the way you look at the Railways.

In a major development, the Railways announced that passengers will not have to pay any cancellation fee now.

A report of TimesNow mentioned, "Passengers who have booked their tickets on continuous trains for onward journeys and get delayed due to fog, protests or any other reason during their trip need not pay any cancellation fee now. From April 1, the Railways has started issuing linked PNRs for connecting journeys in order to allow passengers to cancel their onward journey without any cancellation fee, if it is due to delay in their first leg."

What this new rule does is if by chance the passengers miss their connecting train because of the delay of train they are travelling, they will get a refund for the portion they have not travelled, and they will not be imposed any cancellation or clerkage charge, the report mentioned.

But in order to avail the refund, passengers will have to submit the ticket within three hours of the actual arrival time of the train they are travelling.

Note: The new facility is applicable for all classes and for both e-tickets as well as counter tickets.

TimesNow further reported that the names of passengers on both the PNRs and the destination station in the main train should be the same or in a defined cluster as the boarding station in the connecting train.

This apart, the passengers will now be allowed to change their boarding station four hours prior to the scheduled departure. Even the passengers with 'Tatkal' ticket can also avail this facility, mentioned TimesNow.

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