Pradeep Singh

Since the day, Indian Railways came with the plan to enable people book tickets four months prior to their scheduled journey, there has been a surge in booking of advance tickets. However, on many occasions such plans suffer set back and people have to cancel tickets.

When one goes for cancellation of tickets, the first that is in his/her mind is the refund money. Many factor determines the refund amount like whether the ticket is in confirmed, RAC or waiting, how many hours prior to the scheduled departure of the particular train one is cancelling the ticket and more.

Here are some details that you must know before booking and cancelling your train tickets:

Confirmed Ticket

Confirmed tickets are refundable only if cancelled FOUR HOURS prior to the departure of the train by filing TDR (ticket deposit receipt.

RAC E-ticket

These tickets need cancellation 30 MINUTES prior to the commencement of the train.

Tatkal Ticket

Confirmed Tatkal tickets are not refundable. However, it is in waiting then one can get refund as per the laid norms of the national transporter.

I- Ticket

Such tickets in waiting needs cancellations 30 MINUTES ahead of the departure of the train.

Train Delay

If the train is three hours late, passengers can cancel and get full refund but if the rain departs then no refund will be made.

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Special Train Ticket

Confirmed or RAC ticket of Special trains are not allowed to be cancelled- means there is no question of any refund.

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