‘India’s Miss Charming Face’ Pageant Winner Turns Army Officer

A patriot must always be ready to defend his country and if he/she works hard enough, anything is possible… This has been proved by Garima Yadav. She has this love for her country from the very beginning and it turned her from ‘India’s Miss Charming Face’ to an Army officer- Lieutenant Garima Yadav.

She won the pageant in November 2017 and was selected for the next pageant at international level. She could have gone for that too and had won the pageant, but she chose to join OTA, Chennai.

Lieutenant Garima Yadav: “I was preparing for civil services but I guess army was my true calling, I got recommended in my 1st attempt. Before that I was working as an MC for events as a part-time job, while preparing for exams. One should be honest, positive, creative and solution orientated, that’s all you need rest everything will follow.”

The former beauty pageant winner Shattering stereotypes, Garima cracked the CDS (Combined Defence Services) exam in her first attempt and got into OTA (Officer’s Training Academy) Chennai. She is indeed an inspiration for all those who underestimate themselves.