Devbrat Patnaik

In a heart-warming gesture earning it praise, the Ministry of Railways took to Twitter on Tuesday to post a message for the travellers, obliquely conveying that it is no less than a family that cares.

The tweet of the Indian Railways read, "Never travel on the foot-board of train and discourage others to do so. Remember that someone is waiting for you at home."

A release from Southern Railway recently revealed that during 2018-19, a total of 11,482 foot-board travellers were apprehended, prosecuted and fined under Section 156 of the Railways Act, 1989. This apart, a fine of Rs 35.31 lakh was also realised from defaulters.

Another study based on review of the railway security officials points out various reasons behind death on rail tracks. Many passengers died falling off trains or either hit by poles during foot-board travel. Trespassing the tracks, falling on platforms or tracks while boarding a moving train, suffering electric shock while travelling atop the trains, suicides were some other reasons of death on tracks.

Concerned over this, the Railways has a short message for the commuters on behalf of their family members.

Promise me that you will not travel over the foot-board. I need you home in the evening.

Trains ply every few minutes. It is really not worth risking your life by travelling on the foot-board. Have patience, plan ahead and board the train that you can comfortably get into. Skip the train that seems overcrowded.