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Vikash Sharma

Bhubaneswar: Amidst reports of hike in the prices of platform tickets at stations, the Indian Railways on Friday issued a clarification on the matter.

The clarification comes after the Indian Railways announced fare hike for platform tickets which were increased from Rs 10 to Rs 30.

In a statement, the Indian Railways said that, “The present increase in platform ticket prices at some stations is a "Temporary" measure to prevent the spread of Corona through crowding.”

The statement further read, such hike is being done at limited number of stations which see heavy rush. It is being in only at seven stations in Mumbai division out of total 78 stations.

Hike in price of platform ticket is a temporary measure and is a field activity undertaken by railway administration in the interest of safety of passengers and to prevent overcrowding at stations.

Deterring more persons to visit station, the platform ticket charges are increased from time to time after assessing ground situation. This is in practice for many years and is used occasionally as a ‘short term’ crowd control measure and there is nothing new in it.

Considering the upsurge of COVID in few states, Indian Railway is discouraging people from unnecessary crowding at the platforms. Rush at the platforms during pandemic situation also needs to be regulated. The exercise is in Public interest only.

As per a PIB release, many divisions in Railways enhanced the platform ticket price at various stations to avoid crowding in March 2020. Later, this was revoked over a period of time for example Central Zone , ECR to name a few.

During festivals like Chathh, Diwali or Melas etc as well in different zones it is often temporarily increased and later on rolled back.

Regulation and controlling of crowd at stations is the responsibility of DRMs. Powers are delegated to DRMs since 2015 to raise platform ticket to regulate rush at platforms during specific requirements like mela, rally etc. The power to change charges of platform ticket has been delegated to DRM s due to field management requirement, the PIB release added.


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