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Haryana MLAs Are More Educated Than Their Maha Counterparts


New Delhi: Believe it or not, after these Assembly elections, there are more educated MLAs in Haryana than Maharashtra, according to a report by PRS Legislative Research. 57 per cent of the 288 MLAs from Maharashtra have at least a bachelor’s degree while the number is 69 per cent in case of Haryana’s 90 lawmakers.

The report also says that 15 per cent of Maharashtra MLAs hold post graduate degrees while in case of Haryana, the number is 18 per cent.

In terms of age, 85 per cent of MLAs in Maharashtra are older than 40 years. In Haryana, the average age of MLAs is 55 years.

Though neither of the states fared well in terms of female representation, Haryana fared partially well here as well. A total of 24 women candidates were elected in Maharashtra, forming 8 per cent of the house’s strength, while in Haryana, the number is 10 per cent. However, it is a drop of 4 per cent for Haryana from the 2014 election.

The results of the elections to the 14th Maharashtra and Haryana Legislative Assembly were declared on Friday. The PRS prepared this report after analysing data from the profile of the incoming MLAs.

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