Fadnavis unhurt as chopper crash-lands in Latur

Latur (Maharashtra): Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and five others had a providential escape when their chopper crash-landed after it got entangled in overhead wires in Latur district on Thursday, officials said.

The state government’s Sikorsky helicopter VT-CMM took offf from Nilanga town, near Latur around noon with six persons, including Fadnavis, two crew members and three other officials.

However, shortly after take-off, the pilot noticed variable wind patterns and decided to return to the helipad.

But during landing the chopper got entangled in some overhead electrical wires near the helipad and crash-landed there, the official said.

All the persons on board, including Fadnavis, are safe though the chopper suffered substantial damage.

Fadnavis tweeted – “Our helicopter did meet with an accident in Latur, but me and my team are absolutely safe and ok. Nothing to worry.”