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Exit Polls press ‘Enter’ Modi 2.0 version


As the Sunday evening progresses, one after another exit polls keep playing the same tune ‘phir ek baar Modi sarkar’. Almost all the exit polls telecast today are unanimous on the return of the Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) to power winning a thumping majority of seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

CVOTER-IANS exit poll

According to CVOTER-IANS exit poll, the NDA is likely to grab 287 seats in Lok Sabha elections but the ruling-party may fall short of half-way mark on its own as it is expected to win 236 seats

The BJP’s seat projection of 236 is down from 283 it won in 2014 and the NDA’s tally is expected to slide from 337 in 2014 to 287. The NDA’s vote share is likely to be 42.3 per cent with the UPA getting 29.6 and others expected to corner 28.1 per cent.

The Congress-led UPA is expected to win 128 seats, up from 59 it got in 2014. Out of this, the Congress may get 80, almost doubling its tally of 44 last time.

NDTV poll of polls

The poll of polls of exit polls done by NDTV predicted 292 seats for the BJP-led NDA, 127 for the Congress-led UPA and 123 for “non-aligned” parties.

According to the survey, BJP will make major gains in Odisha and West Bengal, two states where it has been relatively weak but where it put a lot of effort to gain ground. However, it predicted that the BJP will suffer losses in Uttar Pradesh and will get 49 seats compared to 71 seats it won in 2014.

Times Now exit poll
The BJP-led NDA may get a clear majority with 306 Lok Sabha seats while their rival UPA could lag behind with only 132 seats, according to an exit poll conducted by TV channel Times Now.

The channel predicted that the BJP would emerge as the single largest party winning 262 seats, after the end of mammoth seven-phase polling for the 542 of the 543 parliamentary constituencies. The BJP, on its own, may fall short of majority by nine seats.

Similarly, some other exit poll projections are mentioned below.

Today’s Chanakya exit poll

Today’s Chanakya exit poll has predicted 300 seats only for BJP while its alliance, NDA is likely to get 350, UPA 95, including 55 seats for Congress, and others may get 97 seats.

India Today-Axis exit poll

India Today-Axis exit poll projections give NDA 339-365 seats, UPA to get 77-108 and others 69-95 seats.

News18-IPSOS exit poll

News18-IPSOS exit poll predicts 336 seats for NDA, BJP alone is projected to win 276, UPA to get 82 and others 124.

News Nation exit poll

News Nation exit poll predictions show 282-290 for NDA, 118-126 for UPA and 130-138 for others.

Suvarna News exit poll

Suvarna News exit poll projections predict 295-315 seats for NDA, 122-125 for UPA and 102-125 for others.

REPUBLIC/Jan Ki Baat exit poll

REPUBLIC/Jan Ki Baat exit poll projections show 305 seats for NDA and 124 seats for UPA.

With IANS inputs..

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