Shahjahanpur: In a shocking incident, a mentally-challenged minor was tortured by his own relatives who tied a brick from his private parts as a punishment.

The incident took place in Shahjahanpur on May 26. The relatives also attacked the boy's sister and other family members when they tried to complain about the incident. The video of the incident has now gone viral on social media.

According to the victim's father, his son was playing with some boys from the village when an argument broke out.

"They beat him and also tied a brick to his private part. They made a video of it and shared it freely. When we got to know of the incident and went to complain they beat us too," said the father, Hari Ram.

The boy's sister, Dhawni, said that when she and her mother went to complain about the incident, they were attacked too.

The police have launched an investigation.

Circle Officer Praveen Kumar Yadav said: "We have just seen the video and the police have taken cognizance. We will take the strictest action possible if the incidents in the video are found out to be true."

District Magistrate Amit Tripathi also promised strictest action to ensure justice.

"An FIR has been registered regarding the incident. The FIR was registered late because the case came to our notice only when its video became viral. Further procedures will be carried out at the earliest," he said.