Vikash Sharma

Bhubaneswar: ESI beneficiaries can now avail medical care services from nearby ESIC empanelled hospitals (pan-India) without the need for any referral from an ESI dispensary or hospital.

Such decision has been taken keeping in view the hardship being faced by ESI Beneficiaries in availing medical services in case of non-availability of ESIC's Health Care infrastructure - Hospital or Dispensary or Insured Medical Practitioner (IMP) within a radius of 10 KM of their residences.

As per PIB release, the ESI beneficiaries of such areas may visit the ESI empanelled hospital with ESI e-pehchan Card/Health Passbook alongwith Aadhar/government issued Identity Card and avail cashless medical consultation for OPD services directly from such hospital.

Such beneficiaries may seek reimbursement of purchased medicines prescribed during OPD consultation through nearest Dispensary cum Branch Office (DCBO) or Regional Office of ESIC where DCBO is not available.

Once the beneficiary attends the empanelled hospital, the prima facie verification regarding identity of the beneficiary in terms of genuineness shall be ascertained by the empanelled hospital after cross verifying Aadhaar card or any other identity card.

“In case the patient requires investigations, hospital admission, the empanelled hospital will require to seek permission from the respective RD/SMO office. Such permission shall be obtained online within 24 hours as per ESIC guidelines for direct admission in emergency conditions,” an official ESIC notification read.