New Delhi: Congress leader and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Sunday said that all sections of the society were suffering with Narendra Modi as Prime Minister and all promises made by the BJP before the 2014 elections have turned out to be hollow.

"It is sad to see that our society is suffering from unprecedented violence and hatred today. People from all sections are suffering. The nation is going through turbulent times under Prime Minister Modi," Sonia Gandhi told the party's Jan Akrosh rally here.

"Our country is going through a difficult time. We must all unite and stay alert to fight against this regime," she said.

Attacking the Bharatiya Janata Party, the Congress leader said: "The Modi government has left no stone unturned to destroy our democratic institutions."

She stressed that the country needed fair and strong constitutional institutions.

Targeting the Prime Minister over his 2014 poll promises, Sonia Gandhi said: "All promises made by Modi have turned out to be hollow.

"Modiji had said 'na khaunga na khane dunga' (I won't take bribes, nor will I let others take bribes). But corruption has increased," she said.

The UPA leader said atrocities on women had increased so much that even little girls were not safe now.

"Even their culprits are being saved by this government. Youths who were promised two crore jobs are still unemployed and they know they have been betrayed by Modiji.

"Today there is rule of unturth and injustice in the country. Whoever raises his or her voice has to bear the brunt of the government's anger."