New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party on Thursday promised to promulgate the Jan Lokpal Bill to give Delhi the "most effective Lokpal", in its Delhi manifesto for 2019 elections, among the few steps to ensure zero corruption.

The party, born out of a nationwide anti-corruption movement, maintains zero tolerance towards corruption, the manifesto reads. The AAP promised to "revive the Anti Corruption Branch".

"We firmly believe that every paisa of the tax paid by the people should be spent for their welfare. To ensure this, in the first term of our government, we took swift actions against the corrupt through the Anti Corruption Branch," said the manifesto.

"But immediately after the AAP Government was formed for the second time in 2015, the ACB was taken away from Delhi government by the Centre. With full statehood, Delhi will have its Anti Corruption Branch and we will strive to make Delhi corruption free," it reads.

It also promised the Jan Lokpal Bill.

"We will promulgate the Jan Lokpal Bill to give Delhi the most effective Lokpal, who can investigate any government officer or minister, including the Chief Minister.

The AAP said it will establish benchmarks with a new citizen's charter which will list the actions and conduct of public functionaries that will be deemed as a corrupt practice.

"Right to time-bound delivery of service: We will bring into force a law to guarantee a citizen's right to time-bound delivery of public services, failing which heavy penalties will be imposed on erring officials," the manifesto said.

The party also attacked the BJP-led Central government for "illegally" holding control over officials.