7th pay commission: HRA at 27%; know how to calculate your new salary

New Delhi: With the unrest among the central government employees growing, the Centre has decided to roll out the much awaited 7th pay commission from July 2017 onwards.

The government is reportedly mulling to fix the HRA at 27 per cent, 18 per cent and 9 per cent of the Basic Pay for X, Y and Z cities respectively under the 7th Pay Commission.

Both higher allowances and HRA for over one crore government employees is likely to come into effect by June 28.

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As per reports, a new Pay Matrix has been introduced with separate Pay Matrices for Civilians, Defence Personnel and for Military Nursing Service.

While the commission has enhanced the minimum pay to Rs 18,000 from Rs 7,000 per month, the newly-recruited Class I officer’s pay would be Rs 56,100.

Meanwhile, to know what would be your new revised salary you can calculate yourself:

First, multiply your basic pay (as of January 1, 2016) with the fitment factor that the 7th Pay Commission has fixed at 2.57.

So, if your basic pay is Rs 10,000…

Multiply it with 2.57 fitment factor (Rs 10,000 X 2.57 = Rs 25, 700)

Note: You will get addition of TA, HRA, medical Allowance as applicable to the amount Rs 25,700


Your New Pay = (Basic pay (as of January 1, 2016) + All Allowances

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