13 Digit Mobile Numbers from July?

Bhubaneswar: What if your mobile number having 10-digits will be replaced with 13 digits? You may not even be able to remember your own number!

A recent directive issued by Department of Telecom (DoT) to telecom companies has created panic among all mobile phone users. Relax ! your  mobile number is not going to change as the directive is related to M2M or machine-to-machine SIM cards and not regular ones. Your mobile number will continue to have 10 digits.

Know about the DoT order

-The letter written by DoT to telecom companies specifies that the 13-digit numbers are only for M2M SIM cards. M2M or machine2machine SIM cards are used in automated machines that run on network connectivity.

-These machines could range from smallest of gadgets to big machinery but they all need Internet or mobile network connectivity for their basic functioning.

– These are used for applications in smartphones, fleet management, traffic control, supply chain, wearbles, etc.

How the rumours started?  

It all began with a letter sent from the DoT to telecom operators earlier this month. The letter mentioned implementation of 13-digit numbering scheme for M2M communication.

“It is decided that 13-digit M2M (Machine-to-machine) numbering plan will be implemented from July 1, 2018. From this date onwards, all new M2M mobile connections will be allocated 13-digit numbers only.” the letter stated

Despite clearly mentioning that it was for M2M, the word SIM cards and numbers sent alarm bells ringing for common folk.

Important dates for M2M SIM cards

The new numbering plan will come into effect from July 31, 2018 . All new connections will be given a 13-digit numbers.

The existing M2M numbers will be migrated to 13-digits from October 1, 2018. The deadline for entire migration has been set to December 31, 2018.