Bhubaneswar designer to participate in India Fashion Week, London

Bhubaneswar: City-based fashion designer Sweta Parekh is all set to travel to London to showcase Odisha’s culture at India Fashion Week-2017.  had a chat with her at her fashion studio in the capital city.

  • On India Fashion Week, London

I am really excited for this and waiting for people’s expression like ‘Wow, Beautiful!’ when they see my collections on the ramp. I am going to display the collections of “Pattachitra” styled dresses with Peacock’s feather designs. I have been working on this Pattachitra work for the last six years.

  • On benefitting artisans through fashion design

If people use this Pattachitra art in their dresses and give this art more importance and use it in their festivals then the artists in Raghurajpur and some in Bhubaneswar will get a good source of income.

  • Putting Odisha on the global map

I think Odisha’s craft will gain popularity if Pattachitra styled dresses will be displayed abroad. I remember one incident in Mumbai wherewhen it was announced that I am from Bhubaneswar, Odisha, people were shocked. Although few people know about Pattachitra in the world of fashion, still it hasn’t got that popularity as compared to other folk styles like Kutchi Bharat styled dresses from Gujarat which is now an expensive item. People outside India are also using this in Navratri and other festivals. In Bollywood movies also Kutchi Bharat work is used. I want the same importance for Pattachitra as well.

  • Her journey in fashion industry

I started this fashion studio in BBSR in 2007. My father also had cloth business in Kolkata. We used to give importance to fashion since childhood. This studio completed 10 years on Vishwakarma Puja.

  • Major fashion shows she has taken part in

There was a Bhubaneswar Style Week where I got very good response. Last year I went to Jaipur for Beti Bachao show. This is the first time I am going out of India. But before that I have done a lot of fashion shows in India.