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Yoga Asanas To Keep Your Liver Strong & Healthy #WATCH Video

Liver is the largest internal organ of the human body. It filters the blood coming from the stomach and intestines before passing to the entire body. Basically, its three major functions are detoxification, synthesis, and storage.

So it is very vital that we keep our liver healthy and strong. There are many ways to stimulate this organ for its better functioning in the long run but one of the most effective methods is yoga.

Yes, Yoga Asanas are a great way to clear the liver from toxins and also free it from the build-up of fats.

Yoga Acharya Bhagirathi explains some yoga postures like Merudandasana, Utthita Hasta Merudandasana, Mukta Hasta Merudandasana, Ardha Padma Padottanasana that you can try in the comfort of your home with little hassle and time to strengthen the liver.

But before that, he cautions that people suffering from any kind of malaise should be careful in doing specific yoga postures that may be harmful to them, so they are suggested to seek expert healthcare advice.

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