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Rojalin Mishra

Since ages spices have been used for their exquisite taste, healing powers and preservative properties. Out of all the spices ajwain commonly known as carom is used extensively in most of the Indian kitchen. Apart from making tasty parathas, pakoras and chutneys,  you will be surprised to know that ajwain can also give you weight loss goals.

Traditionally, ajwain seeds are commonly used as an effective remedy to beat bloating, gas and flatulence. From aiding digestion to relieving tooth and ear related pain, this natural ingredient work wonders when it comes for weight loss.

As you may be aware of, proper digestion plays a significant role for sustainable weight loss. Poor digestion hampers the process of absorption and assimilation of nutrients properly which builds unnecessary waste and toxins in the body.

How to Make Ajwain Water

Soak 2tsp of dry roasted ajwain seeds in a cup of water overnight.

Boil the water next morning.

Strain the water and have it on an empty stomach.

Ajwain water holds magical medicinal properties that not only improve digestion but also burn calories. It also lowers fat depositions in our body and this helps reducing weight gain.

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