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Rojalin Mishra

If you want to stay fit, the morning is the best time to capitalise on to reduce weight. There are some habits if you practice during early hours of the day will  not only keep you fit but also help in burning calories throughout the day.

Apart from g regular exercise and a healthy diet there are some habits if inculcated in your morning routine, may help you to lose weight.

Here are some morning rituals that you can try before you kick-start your day -

Ginger and Lemon - Including lemon in your weight loss diet boost digestive process and ginger possess antioxidants properties which enhance calorie burn and reduce feelings of hunger. Intake of warm water by adding lemon and grated ginger to it in empty stomach aids weight loss.

Aerobic exercise – Aerobic exercise works effectively to curb belly fat. It is advisable to exercise aerobics for 30 minutes in the morning to increase the body metabolism and reduce body fat.

 Weighing you –   New studies suggest that those who weigh themselves everyday are more likely to lose weight. Weighing yourself in the morning is usually best as it help you to track your weight control progress.

Don’t skip breakfast – Several studies suggested that skipping breakfast doesn’t link to weight loss. Breakfast plays a significant role on how your body works throughout the day. A healthy breakfast provides fuel to your body to work efficiently rest of the day.

Get some sun – Ultraviolet rays (UV) rays of the sun in the morning is healthy for the body. When body is exposed to sun, the body fat gets lower hence spending time in the sun during early hours is a great way to lose weight.

Disclaimer: This piece of article is just for informative purpose. One should always consult a doctor/dietician before going for any type of diet or adopting any form of weight loss regime


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