Upset of skinny frame? Here are Some Weight Gain Tips

Sometimes when you meet your friends or relatives, they don’t notice your new hair style or compliment your dress or accessories rather comment on your slim and slender body which at times irritates and spoils mood.

Everyone desires a good physic and attractive body. You may be healthy, follow a healthy diet but, if still look skinny, it FRUSTRATES!!

Here are simple weight gain diet tips that may help you to put on weight without causing any harm to your health:

 Potato and Cheese – Potato is rich in calories which increase muscle glycogen in the body. When potato team up with cheese and taken in the breakfast they contribute to weight gain.

Red Meat – Red meat is excellent source of protein and considered as one of the effective muscle building supplements. Fatty meat provides more calories and aids weight gain.

Banana Milk Shake – Banana are full of calories when pair with a glass of milk  increases body weight. Replacing your tea, coffee with banana milk shake may give you quick results.

Peanut – Peanuts are extremely high in calories and are packed with fatty acids. Adding peanuts in your daily diet accelerates weight gain process.

White Rice – White rice contains carbohydrates and calories which undoubtedly contribute to weight gain. It is said that one serving of rice is enough to add calories to the body.

Disclaimer: This piece of article is just for informative purpose. One should always consult a doctor/dietician before going for any type of diet or adopting any form of weight loss regime.