Try these tips to give funky twist to your plain T-shirt

New Delhi: There are many ways one can experiment with a plain T-shirt to up the fashion ante. Aakansha Agrawal from Gulaal Creations, Megha Jain Madaan from Abstract and Vikas Jain, director of youth clothing brand Integriti, list down some ways.

* Wear an embellished neck scarf with the T-shirt. This not only amps the look of the T-shirt, but also gives an illusion of an elongated neck.

* Layer it with jackets, like the sleeveless embroidered or denim jacket for a winter style statement.

* One can style a boyfriend T-shirt by making a knot on the side of it and wearing it with trousers.

* One can also style a T-shirt with Indian drape skirts with heavy self-design patterns.

* T-shirts come in different shapes and sizes. Oversized T-shirts can be clubbed with plaid shirts and loose fitted trousers. The sleeveless oversized variant is quiet popular amongst the college going students.

* For more formal occasions, a T-shirt can be worn with blazers and jeans to give a semi-casual look.

* Accessorise T-shirts with suspenders and knee-length shorts for casual outings. Adding bow-tie to it would make for the perfect brunch outfit.

* The deep V-neck and halter neck gowns lie in one corner of the wardrobe untouched. These can be worn underneath a T-shirt which can be knotted at the front to give an illusion of a top and skirt.

* Women can make their own T-shirt dress without any sewing or stitching by simply wearing a skirt underneath a long t-shirt. Make sure the T-shirt is not form fitting and colour coordinated. The skirt should not be very long and the length should be just right below the hemline of the oversized T-shirt.