Sangati Jogwar

Do you dread winters because of that itchy skin and flaky scalp? Well, you no longer have to worry about such skin issues because some tips mentioned below will ensure that you look bright and beautiful all the season through.

Keep Skin Hydrated With Nourishing Face Mask

That may not sound like a makeup tip but for any cream or foundation to get quickly absorbed in the skin your skin must be well-hydrated. For that, you must use a powerful creamy hydrating mask made from nourishing ingredients at least once or twice a week. These provide deep nourishing to the skin and ensure that the foundation runs fairly easily over your facial skin.

Use Good Moisturizer

Applying a good moisturizer before makeup helps you to look bright even in dry winters. Make sure that the moisturizer contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that take care of skin issues like flakiness and irritation. During winters you must use moisturizers in generous amounts and that too immediately after cleansing it so that it gets locked and properly absorbed by the skin.

Teary Eyes In Winter? Here’s A Solution

Eyes tend to tear in the winter due to harsh winds, snow, and sleet. It leads to a lot of embarrassment in the form of runny eye shadow and mascara. You can avoid such a mess by using face powder on eyelids that can absorb excess oil to protect the smudging. Using waterproof mascara also prevents smears and smudges.

Use Hydrating And Creamy Cleansers

Cleaners that are harsh and loaded with chemicals leave your skin irritated, tight and red. Instead, in winter use creamy or hydrating cleansing lotion or face wash that does not strip away the oil from the skin cells. For a combination skin or oily skin use a foaming cleanser or gel whereas for acne-prone skin pick up a cleanser with salicylic acid as its base. Always, avoid using sulfate-based beauty products.