Six natural home remedies to get glowing skin

A clear and glowing skin is the desire of every woman. No matter whether you are a student, homemaker or a working professional, everybody wants a perfect, flawless skin. However, making a lot of effort and spending a lot of cosmetics, many do not get satisfied results.

Now – a -days stressful lifestyles, hectic work schedules, inadequate sleep, lack of nutritional diet, pollution, harmful sun rays (UVA/UVB) are the major factors which make skin dull and dry. However, these being a part and parcel of life you cannot run away from them but surely you can prevent your skin with the use of some ingredients which are readily available at home.

Here is a list some of the natural home remedies which can help to regain your face glow –

  1. Lemon – For lightening skin lemon is considered as an effective remedy. Lemon cleanses and also removes tan and slowly lightens it over time.
  2. Multani mitti – Multani-mitti or fuller’s earth is a mineral-rich clay and quite popular for its skin cleansing benefits. It is a sure skin saviour for dry, dull or acne-prone skin.
  3. Honey – Honey when taken internally and externally is excellent for the skin. It also removes dirt, impurities from the skin moisturizes, soothes the skin and bring out a natural glow.
  4. Aloe vera – Aloe vera gel is the ultimate solution for skin problems. It speeds up skin cell reproduction, fight inflammation and reduce the chance of acne scars.
  5. Milk – Milk is known to be one of the best moisturisers for your skin. It reduces pigmentation, heal dry skin, hydrate skin and relieve sunburn.
  6. Papaya – Papaya clears dark spots, induces skin fairness and removes blemishes from your face. It works extremely well for a healthy and youthful skin.