Sangati Jogwar

Come winter and it is time to enjoy glorious evening receptions and parties where you can flaunt your exceptional wardrobe and exquisite collection of jewellery. It is never the same in summer because of the hot weather that prevails in the subcontinent during that season. So what can be the best option that will look hot on you this festive season?

Skip Chokers, Opt For Scarves & Diamonds

Winter is the time when you can wear colourful and designer scarves and highlight your outfit. So the best thing is to skip the chokers and instead opt for silk scarves and diamonds. Fur collars are also a good option in winter as they serve the twin purpose of protecting you from chilly weather and also enhance your overall appearance.

With fur coats, jackets and sweaters, you are all bulked up during winter. So when it comes to jewellery, it should be kept simple and to the point. The best option is wearing diamond studs. Small diamond studs look elegant and beautiful. Artificial jewellery is also a good option. Funky dazzling earrings either of diamond or pearls also look beautiful.

Coming to bangles and bracelets they are better off during summer or when the days are bright and sunny. Since during winter you tend to wear furry and woollen clothes, these bangles or bracelets may get covered as well as entangled which of course will create a lot of mess.

Instead, opt for a designer watch that is easy to put on and looks perfectly professional. For hair, using pretty pins, studs and bands are ideal as more often girls love to keep their hair open during winter. Open hair covers the ears and offers warmth. Since more often you are covered from top to bottom due to cold weather, it is better to keep the use of jewellery limited and simple.