Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Summer vacation fills one with all the excitement. This is only time in India when one have the luxury of a stretched out break that gives an elbow room to plan for some cool outings.

People, certainly, plan for family vacations, outdoor water sports, swimming, biking, and even a hangout at beach or exploring the rich flora. However, the excitement over the wish lists evaporate, once one steps out into the scorching Sun. The gruelling Sun rays suck the enthusiasm in no time. Apart from extinguishing the thrill of the vacation, fuming Sun accelerates dehydration and also causes electrolyte imbalances in you. This state of imbalance in body minerals make you feel somewhat un-spirited. Not only that, extreme heat may also cause heat stroke which can be life-threatening for you.

Not all is gloom and doom about summer. You can enjoy the summer, provided you stay hydrated. Following are the best tips to boost up your hydration level and make this summer enjoyable and a memorable one with your family.

Drink Plenty of Water

You never know how much water your body excretes. Naturally, in summer the excretion rate gets higher making your body dehydrated. Drink plenty of water in summer. The intake quantity of water must be more than the usual. Make sure to take water in regular intervals during the day. Our body also requires electrolytes and carbohydrates. So, make sure to consume plenty of water along with electrolytes and carbohydrates for healthy muscle and nerve function, which will keep you rejuvenated in summer.

Know the Right Quantity of Water Your Body Needs

Usually, an average adult requires 3.7 litres of water daily. But elderly people or individuals having diabetes or heart complications need drinking more water. If you have complaints about certain health conditions, consult a doctor and seek suggestions to determine the right quantity of water. The doctor may advise you to follow special precautions for avoiding dehydration.

Note down How Much you Sweat

Perspiration is a natural activity which increases in summer days. Sweating is the mechanism through which the body cools itself. The more you sweat the more fluid your body excretes. Athletes loose more fluids or even you can face the same instance after extensive gym workout. If you are in extreme temperature, you may miss to note how much you sweat. The simple way to know how much you sweat is to weigh yourself before and after the physical works. You need to replenish the excreted fluid.

Verify your Urine Colour

Urine colour is the key indicator of determining dehydration. If urine colour is pale yellow and clear, your body is properly hydrated. If the colour is dark, it is a possible warning sign of dehydration. Don't ignore the signals of dehydration and take steps for immediately rehydrating your body.

Stay Away from Alcohol

Cool individuals prefer taking a cold beer being near the beach. Though chilled beer is tempting, you are wrong if you think, you can get a relief from the heat with a beer. Alcohol accelerates dehydration and you will soon regret for it, if you intake more than moderate quantity. If you are drinking during the summer days, make sure to drink extra amount of water to compensate the effects caused by alcohol.

Keep Hot Drinks in Limitation

Summer is all about cool and refreshing drinks to rejuvenate your mood. If you are addicted to hot drinks like tea or coffee, make sure to keep your habits in limitations. The benefits of water for hydrating the body are unmatched. Don't ruin your plans by taking a tea or coffee in hot summer.

Follow Precautions While Performing Exercise

Individuals with the habit of performing exercise regularly to stay fit must be extra cautious. Physical work-outs increases the body temperature. Avoid work-out session during times of high temperature. You can set your schedule in cooler times of the day or even opt for indoor exercise.

Add Food with High Water Content

Certainly, water is the main constituent that keeps your body hydrated. But, water is not the only source of hydrating your body. You can add certain fruits with rich water contents. Research and find out the list of ideal fruits with rich water content. You can take such fruits without any second thought.

Take Showers to Stabilize Your Body Temperature

Bathing or taking a shower normally increases with the rising temperature. Cool bath will not hydrate your body but will reduce the sweating tendency, which will prevent the body from losing excessive sweat.

Disclaimer: This piece of information is an informative one only. It is always advisable to consult an experienced healthcare expert and seek the best suggestions to get the best benefits.