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High cholesterol is a common problem due to today’s modern lifestyle. You might be familiar with unhealthy foods that are detrimental to your health. Below are some healthy alternatives to the high-cholesterol foods you have been already consuming.

Chicken, Turkey, and Seafood

Mutton, beef, and pork contain high cholesterol and saturated fats. Replacing these with chicken, turkey and fish not only controls your cholesterol levels but also improves heart and brain health. Also, minimising processed forms of all non-vegetarian food is healthier.

Baked, Low Fried Foods

Fried chicken, french fries, potato chips, and other deep-fried food are more harmful to your health than you think they are. It is always wise to choose baked alternatives like baked potatoes, baked fries, and chicken. Using olive oil for cooking purposes is better and should be tried.

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Homemade Desserts

Desserts like pastries, chocolates, cookies, and muffins contain high sugar, cholesterol, and unhealthy fats. Homemade desserts are healthier and more satisfying. Baking your desserts using fruits, jaggery, plant-based oils, and low-fat dairy not only decreases their cholesterol levels but also adds nutritional value to them.

Alcohol-Free Alternatives

If alcohol is not consumed in moderation, it impacts your health in varied ways. It disturbs the balance in metabolism and indirectly increases cholesterol levels. If you are an alcoholic, you can gradually cut off your alcohol intake by choosing low-alcohol beverages initially, followed by fermented alternatives like alcohol-free wines and kombucha.

Roasted, Less Processed Packed Food

If you are too used to eating chips and biscuits every day, it might be hard to completely give up on packed, processed food. You can start by trying healthy diet mixtures, roasted seeds, nuts, and packed juices. Over time you can quit having packed food completely if you are determined enough.

A healthy lifestyle is a must to overcome the disease burden caused by the consumption of unhealthy food.