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Ensure proper, effective use of breast pump

New Delhi: A fast-paced lifestyle can make it tough for new-age mothers to breastfeed as often as they need to. Using a breast pump effectively can take care of the problem, suggest experts.

As the World Breastfeeding Week is underway, Rajesh Vohra, CEO, Chicco India shares easy-to-remember tips, compiled and formulated by the Osservatorio, Chicco the Baby Research Centre:

* Sit in a relaxed and comfortable position with your arm close to the body and the wrist aligned with the arm, so that there is no strain on shoulder and neck.

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* Place the silicone cup on to the breast in a manner that it has proper grip and the nipple should be in the centre of the breast shield flange to reduce friction on the nipple.

* Follow the natural breast feeding rhythm by pressing and releasing the pump lever with the help of the handle for proper milk extraction.

* If milk is being extracted for future usage, it is advisable to let it flow directly into the milk container and place it in the fridge or freezer.

* Extracted milk should be thawed at room temperature and before feeding, it should be reheated in a bottle warmer or
in the microwave.

After every usage wash the breast pump thoroughly followed by either hot or cold sterilisation (except the handle).


C. Suresh Kumar, Head Of Department – Pediatrics and Neonatology of Apollo Cradle:

* Tubing bottles should be changed with every expression and should be sterilised by boiling water.

* Expression should be done regularly every 2-3 hours.

* Breast pump can be used in special conditions like retracted nipple, inverted nipple.

* Expressed milk to be stored appropriately for preventing infections.

At room temperature – 6 hours
In ordinary refrigerator for 24 hours
Deep freeze 1-3 months

* Breast milk can be expressed in three ways.
Manual – using hands
Mechanical – using pump
Electrical – pump

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