Ditched By Your Lover? Here’s How You Can Overcome Breakup

Jab you meet the person of your dreams, you always feel you’re on the moon. For you, life has been like the Midas touch. The feeling of being the most fortunate one on earth sinks in you and you’re on the seventh heaven.

The charm of love is so intoxicating that the ‘I’ in you dissolves to get reflected in capital letters – the ‘we’. The ‘we’ has been so fulfilling that you remains engrossed and keep relishing over the togetherness. The engrossment would be so complete that for you, she/he will be your smile and shine. Days were filled with love, laughter, care, late night talks, chats, romantic drive, pampers et al. And the goings on in life appears so perfect that the life appears no less than a fairy tale.

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Interestingly, in the journey of love you get to know another side of yourself. The obsession about the beloved takes such a hold on you that even a small ignorance of theirs hurt you like the hell.

However, keep this etched in your mind. Oscar Wilde had once said “The heart was made to be broken.” Heart-break moment is the hellish experience in anyone’s life. Your ‘dream person’ may suddenly go cool and develop a nonchalance towards you, which would turn the most nagging moments for one. You hope this to be a passé and a transient phase. Everything will be fine soon! Well, that didn’t happen and your buddy keeps ignoring you. Finally, the inevitable split stares bluntly at your face.

Suddenly, you feel shattered and devastated. Life would turn all blues for one. One will be at one’s wits end and cannot handle the pain and agony gifted by your ‘special person’, who was so madly in love with you and had made a lot of promises but cares no more for you. The traumatic experience is so intense then that a feeling of sickness sinks in your life. The life turns upside down and everything comes crashing! Even, the very survival looks tough without your once better halve.

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Getting over it and moving on with the life will not be easy. Well, it’s not impossible either. Take heart! Don’t get bogged down by the blues. Rather, look at the blue sky – the positivity will inspire you. And here are some hearty tips that will definitely pep up your heart beat to live another wonderful day and let the bygones remain bygones.

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Don’t contact/Stalk – Stalking or trying to contact your ex will frustrate you and will not be able to detach yourself from him/her.

Don’t compare your life with others – Comparison results frustration. Never consider yourself unlucky, this will result into stress and depression.

Get into new activities – Get yourself involve in new activities so that you will feel relaxed and it will lighten your mood.

Discover yourself – Try to explore new ideas and skill, which you have always wanted to do. Through this you can discover your hidden talent.

Be positive – It’s very important to stay positive and always believe that things will get better soon.

Read inspiring stories – To stay motivated and to understand the importance of life, it’s advisable to read inspiring stories when someone is going through a bad phase in life.

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