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Blood Pressure Issues: How Mindfulness Training Can Help

High blood pressure or low blood pressure, both are equally dangerous. But more often people struggle with hypertension and find it difficult to maintain it on the parameters of 120/80. Many times even medications fail to make the right impact on the body and at such times, health experts advise alternate therapies or treatments like meditation, color therapy and more.

Recent research suggests that mindfulness training can go a long way in helping a person tackle his blood pressure issues. After all, stress is also a leading cause of BP and with this type of training; people can get control of their thoughts and perceptions and reduce stress in their lives. Such therapies work wonderfully well to bust stress and help a person live life happily.

Healthful Eating & Meditation Must For High Blood Pressure

When high blood pressure is diagnosed by the doctors, they first recommend making lifestyle changes from healthful eating to reducing intake of salt, regular exercise, and weight loss. However, many times people cannot continue with the lifestyle changes for a long time and doctors have to prescribe higher medication to control blood pressure.

According to health experts, the incorporation of mindfulness can directly address blood pressure issues and also help people in strengthening their will power so that they can stick to healthful habits.  The training involves a deliberately multimodal intervention in which patients are introduced to different types of techniques to control their minds. The main aim of the program is to encourage people to think before eating and train their minds to pick up what is healthier and better for them.

Meditation is also a part of mindfulness training that helps to reduce stress. The experts advise that the patients must continue taking their medication during the training as the impact will be seen after some time and eventually, they may be able to adapt to new ways of healthy eating. It will also lead to a reduction in weight and cutting down of the doses of BP medication.


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