Are you a Social Media Butterfly? Stay Away From its Traps!

Ever you imagine a day without social media! Many argue, social media is a great platform in today’s technology-driven world which allows everyone to stay connected. Certainly, different social media networks have brought a bouquet of benefits. But beware! While embracing the benefits, we tend to ignore its drawbacks.

Nowadays, people get stuck to the virtual world and love to spend time with their electronic gadgets, instead of showing interest in the real world. The ‘evil power’ of social networking impacts mentally, physically and changes the victim’s perception towards the real world. It is high time to know the dark side of social media networks and its effects on society as well as individuals.

Develops Depression and Anxiety

Spending too much time on social media impacts adversely on user’s mental condition. Poor mental health includes the symptoms of depression and anxiety. It’s not that quitting social media will improve your mood. But, limiting the use can help you to stay in touch with the real world and share your feelings with dear ones instead of seeking a ‘like’ or ‘condolence’ on social media platform.

Drains your Energy Level

Social media users remain mentally occupied. It’s not about extensive physical workout on the platform, but being over-occupied with the platform for sharing pictures, videos, or anything else also drains your energy level.

Affects Creativity

Many people tend to get satisfied with little praise. Sending posts or updates on social media platform, social media addicted people seek loads of likes and comments. Is that all you need? Instead of working for good, people rely on social media and share their thoughts and wait for likes. Such mentality indeed affects the creativity and zeal to create something new.

Degrades Focus Ability

Do you often get distracted or are not able to fully concentrate on your work as you keep gazing at your mobile to take a peek of the social media account? It’s a sort of addiction. Social media addicts frequently check their mobiles to find number of likes or comments on their post or check other posts or tags et al. Such actions make your mind unstable and you get distracted frequently, which certainly affects the work you currently are engaged with. Your ability to focus also gets affected and degrades your productivity.

Kills your Patience

Social media channels have introduced a wide platform to showcase your talent. But soon after posting a photo or any other content, the eagerness within us rises to find out the number of likes. The eagerness ruins your peace of mind and ultimately kills your patience. Especially, youngsters expect too much from the social media platforms and their network.

Develops Unrealistic Expectations

Social media brings you a ‘fake’ platform, where people don’t bother to play with sentiments and emotions of others. The truth ratio on social media can’t be judged, but addicts develop unrealistic expectations. The addicts expect much more than life, and friendship getting biased with the alluring messages or posts shared on the platform.

Unhealthy Sleeping Patterns

Social media addicts also suffer with unhealthy sleeping patterns. Increased use of social media doesn’t let you bother about the timing, which negatively affects the sleep quality and you may not get enough time for a good sleep.

Though it is not possible to quit using social media, we can make efforts to limit its usage that will help one to stay away from the banes. Avoiding social media, you can get closer to the real world and enjoy the life; instead of burdening life with over-expectations from the virtual world.