• Sunday, October 01, 2023
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Latest Updates from Health

Prior psychological, respiratory issues may double up long Covid risk
Prior psychological, respiratory issues may double up long Covid risk

The observational study, published in Nature Communications, showed that pre-pandemic conditions related to psychological, respiratory, and general/unspecified health problems were the strongest predictors for having a doctor-diagnosed post-Covid problems between 90 and 180 days after the initial infection.

Japanese water therapy
Japanese water therapy for weight loss; Here's how to do it

Japanese have their special age-old techniques and cultural practices that have helped them stay in good health for many years. Japanese water therapy for weight loss is one such practice.

  • Friday, 22 Sep 2023
Exercise during morning, afternoon to ward off diabetes risk: Study

The new research, published in the journal Diabetologia, found no statistically significant association between evening physical activity and risk of Type 2 diabetes. 

World Alzheimer’s Day: What You Need To Know About This Disease
World Alzheimer’s Day: What You Need To Know About This Disease

On World Alzheimer's Day, we shed light on this global health challenge that affects millions of people worldwide. Alzheimer's disease, a progressive brain disorder, poses significant challenges to patients, families, and healthcare systems.Mutations in certain genes can increase the risk, and age is a primary factor, with the risk doubling every five years after 65. Lifestyle factors such as poor diet and limited physical activity are also implicated.

World  Alzheimer's Day
World Alzheimer’s Day: Here’s how lifestyle changes can make an impact

Today is World Alzheimer’s Day. Know how lifestyle changes can make an impact in protecting you from this disease.

  • Thursday, 21 Sep 2023
Blood Test
AI-based blood test to predict alzheimer risk 20 years in advance

The researchers describe finding the proteins with signs of early neurodegeneration like searching for a needle in a haystack.

  • Thursday, 21 Sep 2023
‘Artificial wombs’ may soon see human trials: Report
‘Artificial wombs’ may soon see human trials: Report

The regulators are expected to consider clinical trials of the system which mimics the womb, and could reduce deaths and disability for babies born extremely premature, Nature reported.

  • Wednesday, 20 Sep 2023
heart disease_indian
Poorly paid men with stressful jobs more prone to heart disease risk: Study

The study, published in the journal ‘Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes’, showed that two psychosocial stressors -- job strain and effort-reward imbalance -- at work may increase heart disease risk.

  • Tuesday, 19 Sep 2023
  • Jobs
Okra is powerhouse of nutrients; 5 reasons diabetics must eat it twice a week

Okra or Bhindi as it is popularly called in India is extremely healthy and should be eaten by everyone as a part of a regular diet.

  • Tuesday, 19 Sep 2023
papaya seeds
5 unknown benefits of papaya seeds you should know now

Papaya is a delicious, fleshy fruit that offers immense health benefits. Many people are unaware that papaya seeds are also highly beneficial and should not be thrown away.

  • Sunday, 17 Sep 2023
Covid's saga of new variants tells us that it's not going to go away

While some of the newer variants are highly transmissible and are infecting more people, none have been as virulent as Omicron -- which first surfaced in November 2021

Preventing influenza among children

Here are three ways Dr. Abhishek Chatterjee from Anav Child Care, New Delhi suggests to contain the spread of flu and protect children against its complications.

Nipah Virus
Nipah can spread by droplets, has a fatality rate of 40 to 70%: ICMR

"Nipah is a zoonotic virus (transmission of virus from animal to humans)," said Bahl noting that "fruit bats are the reservoirs" of the virus.

  • Saturday, 16 Sep 2023
Type 2 diabetes
Diabetes reversal and remission: Managing Type 2 diabetes without medication

Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease that can affect almost anyone who does not follow a healthy lifestyle. Until a few years ago, it was thought that diabetes could not be reversed.

  • Saturday, 16 Sep 2023
Early detection of Dementia
Sitting over 10 hours daily may raise dementia risk in elderly: Study

Researchers analysed 50,000 adults over the age of 60 who did not have a diagnosis of dementia at the start of the study.

  • Friday, 15 Sep 2023
home remedies for earache
5 home remedies to treat seasonal earaches

Seasonal earaches are very common and there are simple home remedies that can be effectively used to treat them.

  • Thursday, 14 Sep 2023
Covid virus found in tears of patients with no eye disease: AIIMS study

In the study, published in the journal Cureus, the team included 40 patients, with 26 (65 per cent) classified as having moderate Covid, six (15 per cent) classified as having severe Covid, and the remaining having mild Covid.

  • Wednesday, 13 Sep 2023
  • Covid
With 4 Nipah cases, Kozhikode under close watch, says Health Minister Veena

There are two epicentres of the virus in Kozhikode and the district authorities are making sure that things are kept under close scrutiny. The route map of the four positive patients will soon be prepared.

Central team to arrive in Kerala as Nipah virus back in state
Central team to arrive in Kerala as Nipah virus back in state

As soon as the result of the sample from National Institute of Virology Pune came, a central team of top officials from Delhi will be arriving in Kozhikode, later in the day.

  • Tuesday, 12 Sep 2023
How to boost testosterone with easy tips?

Having less testosterone is not only about sluggishness and low sex drive. There are many more frustrating symptoms that a man faces.

  • Tuesday, 12 Sep 2023